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RT-Labs are experts at software platforms and test development for industrial control systems. That is the only thing we do. We have a unique method that makes us more skilled and faster than your own in-house developers or external consultants. We don’t sell you consultation by the hour, nor do we sell resources. From us you buy results. At a fixed price. And with a warranty.

Profinet stack P-Net now Class A and Class B COnformant

We are proud to inform that our Profinet Device stack P-Net is class A and class B conformant.
The RT-Labs Profinet stack P-Net is used for Profinet device implementations. It is easy to use and provides a small footprint. It is especially well suited for embedded systems where resources are limited and efficiency is crucial. P-Net is available as GPL and commercial license.
Please see product page for details.


RT-Labs out-of-the-box functionality gets you started right away using our tested software platform featuring communication stacks, OS and Development Tools.

Industrial communication

RT-Labs communication stack are especially well suited for embedded systems with small resources. It handles EtherCAT, Profinet, CANOpen, EtherNet/IP and IO-Link.

Software platform

RT-Labs out-of-the-box functionality gets you started right away using our tested software platform featuring OS and Development Tools.

Test automation

RT-Labs test automation framework is a resource efficient system designed to support embedded development.


Get a team of experts to assist you! Support is provided by engineers with extensive knowledge of embedded realtime systems. Wan’t more assistance? Get a resident engineer or let RT-Labs take on a role as a complete solution provider.

Software Support

Get your own support person! Many times it is a bad move to address support issues as a generic service. Available with all licensed purchases.

Cooperative team

Work with us as a team member. RT-Labs is often invited to be a part of the team, together with in- house technicians or consultants contracted by the customer

Development Partner

Do you need to rapidly deploy a complete solution? Do you have a set budget and want better cost control? Do you find it difficult to staff your project? Give us a call.

Case Studies

What is it like to work with RT-Labs and what results can you expect? Learn how our products and services have made a difference. Our work ranges from helping clients to set up a development platform and automated testing, to cases where we use our full competence to deliver a complete control system. Our customers are non-industry specific – control systems are needed everywhere.

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