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We deliver

Our customers choose to work with us because our offer improves the efficiency of their product development, allowing new products to be launched faster, cheaper and with better quality.

350+ projects

300 successful projects delivered in development partner role

2000+ users

Large footprint of users RT-Labs software


More than 40,000 downloads of RT-Labs open source software 

Our history

RT-Labs has been a privately owned company since 2002 and its roots go back another few years to consultancy operations as part of Telelogic. Telelogic was a world-leading company in the field of model-based development of embedded systems, among much else. Telelogic’s broad range of successful clients gave us vital experience in a variety of industries the world over.

Since 2002 we have worked with a large number of clients in many industrial spheres, acquiring deeper understanding of these companies’ everyday reality – what works and what doesn’t. Based on these experiences and insights, we decided in 2006 to transform our visions and our bank of experience into products that can help companies through the development of software for embedded systems.

Our guiding principle is that our clients should be able to focus wholly on their customers and their demands for function and performance. Our contribution is a virtually universal software platform and a development process that saves both time and money. To this is added our offer in the field of testing automation, in itself an exceptional quality enhancer. Our clients confirm that we drive a highly competitive Best Practice concept for the entire chain in the development of embedded systems.

A sustainable planet

We believe in a sustainable planet using knowledge to prevent misuse of resources. We assist product-developing industrial companies to create stable and future-proof integrated software through a combination of software components, development tools, work processes and consultancy services.

Zero waste is a key to environmentally friendly products! We like to think that our work plays a major role in achieving this goal.