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Five Key Advantages of U-Phy

U-Phy is notable for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive multiprotocol support. Here’s how these benefits make U-Phy a vital component for your next product.

Profinet basics

Exploring the Core Principles of Profinet: A Short Introduction

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A beginner’s Guide to Profinet – get started in 60 minutes.

A simple, step-by-step guide to downloading and running a Profinet software stack within one hour.

Modbus TCP – A Classic Technology for Modern Applications

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation and networking, certain technologies have stood the test of time, proving their worth repeatedly. One such technology is Modbus TCP, a classic protocol that continues to be a cornerstone in modern industrial solutions.

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Real-Time Linux vs. RTOS for industrial networking

Using RTOS in Industrial Networking Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) play a critical role in industrial networking by ensuring tasks are processed within strict time constraints. Such systems prioritize high-priority tasks, ensuring deterministic and timely responses, which is vital in automated environments where delays can lead to inefficiencies or even hazardous situations. Industrial applications include automotive, […]

PROFINET’s Real-Time Communication

PROFINET seamlessly integrates IT and industrial automation needs through three distinct communication methods: Standard TCP/IP Communication: Ideal for non-deterministic tasks such as parameterization, audio/video streaming, and data exchange with higher-level IT systems. Real-Time (RT) Channel in PROFINET: This approach circumvents standard TCP/IP layers to provide deterministic communication, typically within 1-10 ms, making it suitable for […]

Implementing Distributed Clock Synchronization in EtherCAT: A Step-by-Step Guide

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is a powerful tool for real-time industrial Ethernet applications. One of its standout features is the Distributed Clock Synchronization, which ensures precise synchronization across devices. Let’s dive into the implementation process. 1. Slave Onboard Pulse Generators:Before delving into distributed clocks, it’s essential to understand the ec_dcsync0() and ec_sync01() functions. […]

Microchip LAN9662 Integration with P-Net Profinet Stack

Introduction of LAN9662 with Profinet Solution: The Microchip LAN9662 is a compact and cost-effective, multi-port Gigabit AVB/TSN Ethernet Switches with two integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs and a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A7 CPU subsystem. A notable feature of the LAN9662 is its compatibility with RT-Labs’ P-Net Profinet stack, which has been meticulously designed to leverage the […]

Profinet Conformance Classes Explained

PROFINET Conformance Classes refer to a classification system within the Profinet communication protocol that defines different levels of compliance and features that devices must adhere to in order to ensure interoperability and compatibility within a Profinet network. These classes help manufacturers and users understand the capabilities and functionalities of Profinet devices. Each conformance class specifies […]

Save time and reduce risk by pre-certifying your Profinet field device

To ensure interoperability and conformity of automation equipment from different field device manufacturers, certification by an accredited test laboratory is mandatory for PROFINET devices. During the certification process, devices are tested to determine if they comply with the applicable IEC standards and to ensure they function seamlessly within an automation system. While every PROFINET device […]

Why Your Fieldbus Device Requires a Real-Time Operating System

Life moves in real-time – your industrial embedded systems must too.

Creating GSDML files

A Profinet GSD (General Station Description) file is an XML file that describes a Profinet IO-Device using the GSDML (GSD Markup Language) format.

Unlocking the Power of Safety – The Benefits of Integrating FSoE in EtherCAT Enabled Products

EtherCAT has established itself as a popular and reliable technology for industrial automation applications. Its ability to handle real-time data transfer with low latency and high precision has made it a preferred choice for many automation systems.

The Top 5 Challenges Supporting Multiple Communications Protocols in your Industrial Devices and How to Overcome Them

If you’re an industrial equipment (sensors/actuators) manufacturer whose devices operate on one of the many available types of Fieldbus networks, these are the pain points you will likely experience if you decide to support a different industrial communications protocol.

Use Software to Shake the Hardware Shackles Off Your Fieldbus Equipment

Hardware module manufacturers are understandably delighted with themselves, having created such a stranglehold on the Fieldbus market, so they won’t want you to be aware of another way to make your device Fieldbus compatible – software!