Three steps towards more efficient development

  • Solve the right problems. All engineers enjoy solving problems. But your engineers should focus on those aspects that make your products better and that your customers pay for. Standard components, such as a software platform, are things you can purchase from someone who has specialised in just that – and it is they who take responsibility for their function and maintenance.
  • Build robustly. A stable control system relies on a stable platform. A software platform is exactly like other software and hardware components: it has to be well-documented, thoroughly tested, and built for adaptability. If it fails in any of these areas you will have problems that will simply grow over time. And before you know it you will have – or rather lose – dissatisfied customers.
  • Test from the outset. Software that is not tested will not work. Everyone knows this – yet many shut their eyes to this obvious truth. An engineer who can get his or her work verified quickly and correctly will be so much more productive. And you will avoid the nasty surprises that come when everything gets delayed. Relentless growth in the need for maintenance and product updates risks eating up your development capacity from within.


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