Case Studies

How Hellpower turned supply crisis into opportunity

Company Size: 10
Industry: Smart Battery
Country: Austria

How Inspekto prepared their offer for the US market

Company Size: 20+
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Israel

How project March uses RT-Labs development tools to gain speed

Company Size: 30
Industry: Medtech
Country: Netherlands

How Minesto uses a robust platform to gain reliability

Company Size: 75
Industry: Energy
Country: Sweden

How regenHU found a robust and validated open-source com stack

Company Size: 30+
Industry: Medtech
Country: Switzerland

How DASA found resources for enhanced product development

Company Size: 30
Industry: Forestry
Country: Sweden

How Kollmorgen could do five weeks of testing in just 25 minutes

Company Size: 68
Industry: Automation
Country: Sweden

How Kvaser runs over 50 products on the same platform

Company Size: 50
Industry: Development products
Country: Sweden