How DASA found resources for enhanced product development

The Short Story

DASA is a leader in optimization systems for forestry machines. In the few seconds it takes to fell and delimb a tree, DASA calculates the optimal cutting in real-time, on the basis of the buyers’ daily price lists and a several other parameters. DASA’s leading position stems from its outstanding calculation performance. By introducing a standardized software platform, DASA was able to increase its resources in customer-centred development.

The Challenge

DASA is the leader in its sector. However, competition is fierce and it’s a constant battle of product development and performance. The challenge for DASA was mainly related to resources. Since all software components were built in-house, application development was suffering. Consequently, DASA experienced a bottleneck in software development and looked for alternatives.

The Solution

DASA decided to replace their proprietary software base with a software platform from RT-Labs. The main reason was to concentrate the available resources on application expertise, which is DASA’s main competitive strength. With a standardized platform, the time needed for new development projects would be reduced, as would the time required for validation and quality assurance.

The Result

The immediate gain for DASA was time savings and improved quality. Each project now requires fewer hours, and a lot more in-house expert resources are available for business-critical tasks. With a dependable standardized platform, the scope for software maintenance narrows. And increased robustness and shorter development times enhance both overall product quality and DASA’s market position.