How Inspekto prepared their offer for the US market

Taking a closer look

The Short Story

Inspekto develops and manufactures camera systems for automated inspection of physical objects. Extremely accurate image recognition and smart processing help make quality assurance easier. In a way this is a company that goes against the flow. While many rivals aim to offer a solution with attached services, Inspekto offers a product. Off-the-shelf and out-of-the-box, it is set up by the customer and good to go in less than an hour.

The Challenge

Even though Inspekto’s system is off-the-shelf, it is certainly not stand-alone. One major benefit is the extensive possibilities it offers for communicating with the customer’s PLC system. So, when the company decided to enter the US market, there was a definite need to extend the interface possibilities with Ethernet/IP, which dominates in the US industry – an industry with a very large number of PLC suppliers.

The Solution

Inspekto was looking for an open-source solution, but a solution from a supplier who could provide integration with the product. RT-Labs responded to the inquiry and after a few video-call workshops, a solution was drafted and delivered for test. It took a couple of loops to finalize the code due to the fact that most PLC systems use their own interpretations of standards and protocols.

The Result

With fully documented Ethernet IP integration Inspekto now can extend their offer to a sizable portion of manufacturing industry in the US. Well aware of the complexity of PLC systems, Inspekto knows it can rely on the RT-Labs support team if, or rather when, new demands for specific integration arise.