Lab.gruppen AB has been using rt-labs product rt-kernel ® and has now chosen to standardize it for all their Lake ® products.

About Lab.Gruppen

Lab.gruppen has been active in amplifier technology since 1979. Today, it is a leading company in the professional audio industry and to deliver high-end amplifiers and systems for active speakers and more. The company has several patents and is since 2002 part of the TC Group.


With the acquisition of the brand Lake ® 2009 and related technology from Dolby Laboratories, they moved their position in audio processing forward. Lab.gruppen will now continue to develop the Lake ® technology into a platform for many of its future products.

Lab.gruppen was faced to develop a new generation of products and was looking for a partner that could provide a solid software platform for the advanced processors chosen, combined with an attractive service offering. That we as a Swedish company could support them actively at close range was an important prerequisite.


Lab.gruppen turned to rt-labs and chose a software platform based on real-time operating system rt-kernel® in competition with other well-known international players. The project was implemented together with rt-labs, in a distributed team located at various development agencies, and using the development environment rt-collab ®, which created the possibility to develop embedded software in teams on a world-class manner.


Cooperation with rt-Labs has been a very good match; it allows us to focus on creating value for our customers while giving us a flying start with the development of new platforms, “says Emil Tirén, Program Manager at Lab.gruppen.