With 25 years of experience in the forestry industry, Dasa has gained a very strong position in this niche. Felling trees is an operation in which nothing is left to chance!

Dasa is a dedicated specialist and a leading supplier of intelligent control, monitoring and communication systems for heavy vehicles.
Dasa is more of a development partner than a supplier in its relationship with its customers. The production of forestry raw materials is a highly competitive and capital-intensive industry, in which Dasa enjoys a strong position as a systems developer thanks to its broad technological expertise and immense reliability.
“It’s the forestry companies that drive progress,” says Jonas Lindholm, development manager at Dasa. “They naturally want as much of the raw material to be utilised, and it is their price-lists that determine how much is felled and how it is sorted, that is to say how the logs are cut into optimal lengths.”

Never at a standstill

Anyone who has ever seen a forestry machine knows that the pace is fast. In just a few seconds, the tree is cut and its branches lopped off. What the layman does not see is that in the brief time it takes for all this to happen, the machine also measures the log, calculates its volume, and cuts it up to exactly the lengths that will get the most out of each individual log.
“This is where we have our main strength,” relates Jonas Lindholm, “we carry out continuous calculations. For every centimetre of the log’s length we check off the degree of taper and volume and compare the data with our price-lists. Capacity is of course important, but what’s vital is to calculate and measure correctly so we know exactly what will be loaded onto the timber hauler. And of course it goes without saying that uptime is paramount — standstills are simply not permitted.”

Applications generate customer value

Jonas Lindholm

Today Dasa offers its 6th manufacturers of forestry machines. It integrates in-house produced hardware and extremely smart algorithms for optimisation together with precise production data. There’s a touchscreen and Windows 8 in the driver’s cab, but behind it all lies Dasa’s expertise. “We previously used to do everything ourselves,” explains Jonas Lindholm, “but today we use a software platform from rt-labs, among other sources. This makes the development process much faster, and new generations and new functions are delivered with much higher

Development leads to competitiveness

Dasa regards product development as perhaps the most significant competitive factor. User- friendliness, performance and reliability are business-critical parameters. Deep in the forests the driver assesses the quality of the lumber and then has to rely on the control system’s ability. “That is why we focus so firmly on applications and buy in those things that others do better. It’s something of a maturity issue — the whole point is that the foundation should simply keep working as intended so that we can add functionality as needed. Today we avoid investing resources in in-house development at the lower levels if there are quality-assured off-the-shelf components that will do the job equally well,” concludes Jonas Lindholm.