Kvaser saves both time and money with a common software platform for all products.

Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS

One might say that Kvaser were CAN bus experts even before the system existed. Back in 1985, one year before Bosch and Intel laid the foundations for the CAN standard, Kvaser’s founder worked with the bus system and distributed intelligence. Today the company is a renowned authority at the absolute forefront of high-quality CAN bus interfaces.

World leader in a specialist niche

Kvaser has customers throughout the world and delivers bus interfaces, data-loggers and add-on modules for CAN and related areas such as LIN and J1587. The users are exclusively engineers and it is their demands and conditions that are in focus for Kvaser. CAN is to be found in virtually every branch of industry, not just in vehicles but also in medical technology, white goods, industrial automation and much more besides. Put simply, one may say that anyone who needs to transfer information from a CAN bus to a different environment is a potential Kvaser customer.

Simple and robust

“It is tempting to regard CAN as somewhat primitive in its communication,” says Lars-Berno Fredriksson, one of Kvaser’s founders, “but the fact is that it is this simplicity that allows the construction of extremely robust systems. This is one of the reasons why CAN has become so well-established and longlived.” One example of this robustness is that the US Navy uses CAN buses, not least in systems for target control. In this environment there are extremely powerful fields, for instance from high-power radar which requires that parts of the CAN system communicate fibre-optically.

Investment in quality

In the beginning Kvaser had no software platform, but gradually tests of various operating systems were initiated. “Of course it is possible to get by without a platform,” says Lars-Berno Fredriksson, “but many things become so much simpler and more reliable with a stable and well-documented software platform. At rt-labs we found both high-quality and robust code as well as competence and genuine understanding of our operation and our requirements.”

One platform for the entire product area

Lars-Berno Fredriksson Today Kvaser and rt-labs enjoy close cooperation and to all intents and purposes, Kvaser has the same software platform in all its products in this area. Minimizing the range of variants is naturally important, and not least in the test phase simplicity and standardization are vital. “In principle we could have made our own platform but just as our customers come to us for the sake of our expertise, so too have we chosen to work together with rt-labs, whose specialist area is software platforms. I know that we save both time and, not least, money,” concludes Lars-Berno Fredriksson.