The search for alternative sources of power intensifies and the developments in the so-called CleanTech area go fast, driven by increasingly stringent environmental requirements. A very promising technology is hydrogen-based fuel cell systems, where the Gothenburg-based Power Cell is active.


Powercell was faced in developing an advanced control system for the fuel cell and sought a partner that could provide a solid software and development platform for the control system, combined with an attractive service offering. Demonstrated experience developing platform software for safety-critical systems and the automotive industry was an important prerequisite.


Powercell turned to rt-labs and chose rt-kernel ® with rt-collab ® as a development environment. A software platform based on real-time operating system kernel-rt ® was introduced. The project was implemented together with rt-labs, in a distributed team located at various development agencies, and using the development environment rt-collab ®, which creates opportunities to develop embedded software in teams on a world-class manner.

The result

Through its partnership with rt-labs and introducing rt-kernel ®, Powercell focus its development resources on continuing to develop the unique feature in its fuel cell, while the rt-labs software platform has a reliable, efficient and flexible platform for their future products. rt-collab ® provides conditions for efficient, predictable and professionally executed projects.

About Powercell

Power Cell is a spin-off from AB Volvo, whose extensive research in the field of fuel cell systems has resulted in an innovative, unique and patented technology for the conversion of commercially available hydrocarbon fuels into clean, green electricity. Hydrogen-based fuel cells are a promising future energy source, but the infrastructure for hydrogen is not yet widely available and will likely require a number of decades of development and expansion. The unique Power Cell system uses today’s fuels, both fossil and renewable, to generate clean energy from hydrogen in anticipation of this infrastructure.