Why are we willing to pay for air? The answer is that even at small deviations from an optimum indoor climate our performance decrease. A good indoor climate contributes to the efficiency and productivity and therefore affects profitability very positive.


About Swegon

For more than 50 years, Swegonhas built a valuable knowledge bank of experience, they were more than happy to share with us how you as their customer can find the best solution – both technically and economically.

Swegon takes a long term and drives the industry forward through targeted investment and its continuing development of products, systems and services. They have always done – active chilled beams, for example, is their invention.

Today there are strict requirements on Climate Controllers they should require as little energy as possible while being kinder to the environment – requirements will increase even more in the future. The new EU energy directives and UN climate report are two examples of that this issue is highly topical. This is nothing new for Swegon – throughout their development cycle their aim is to find good technical solutions and to use as little energy as possible and that is long-term profitable for their clients.

Swegon is currently a major company that is growing all the time. Through its sales company and partners, they have significant sales in Europe and are represented in most European countries. Swegon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investment AB Latour.

Swegon offers safe, environmental and economical solutions for an energizing indoor climate.


Swegon found themselves in a situation where they would bring out a new product platform. In order to focus on application development, they sought a software and development platform with support for the latest 32-bit microprocessors, which could be supplemented with various software components as required. Swegons choice fell on rt-labs.


rt-labsrt-kernel RTOS ® was chosen as the solution together with the development environment rt-collab ®. The project required a communication stack for Modbus, developed in partnership with rt-labs. To this, Swegon then put rt-collab ® Server Requirements Management to further structure their work around requirements management and project management.


Swegon has successfully introduced an industrial software platform based on a modern and efficient RTOS, rt-kernel ® for modern 32-bit microprocessor and a complete tool chain based on rt-collab ®. Swegon has also introduced a powerful approach for keeping order on the requirements and project documentation with full traceability down to the source code.