Get as much assistance as you need

Together with our hardware partners we can safely say that we can come up with a complete control system – whatever particular challenges you have in your project. Our customers can be divided into three categories depending on how much one wants RT-Labs to be engaged in the project at hand.

Software Support

We provide support to all customers using our commercial licensed software. Please check our products support section here.

Cooperation, working with you as a team

To accelerate the speed of development, RT-Labs are often invited to be a part of the team, together with in-house technicians or consultants contracted by the customer, RT-Labs brings experience and expertise to any embedded solutions challenge. Learn more below on how we can work together using the rt:colabs server solution. 

rt-labs is your complete system provider

We can act as a provider of an entire control system! Together with our hardware partners you will get a complete ready to go system. Many of our customers appreciate our line of software products but also want RT-Labs to provide a complete solution. Do you need to rapidly deploy a complete control system? Do you have a set budget and want better cost control? Do you find it difficult to staff your project? There are many reasons why customers want RT-Labs to work as a complete solution provider.

RT-Labs will manage and be accountable for: 

  • Software development
  • Hardware development (partner cooperation)
  • Certification
  • Functional Safety
  • Radio permission
  • Documentation

Test automation solutions 

In order to gain quality assurance and shorter time to market RT-Labs most often recommend setting up automated testing solutions. We offer this as a separate service or in any project where we are responsible for an entire control system. In principle testing services include a three stage process:

  • Prestudy
  • Implementation
  • Test engineering services/test team/resident engineer.

Software that has not been tested will not work! Test automation at the system level is today the only way to cost-effectively guarantee a certain level of quality on a built-in system. Nevertheless, system testing is an often neglected part of the development work. A common misconception is that it is expensive and takes time and yet does not yield as much. All this is wrong! Automated testing pays off much faster than you think and can do wonders for your quality reputation.

It is not until you assemble your entire system and simulate its intended environment that you see if your product meets the requirements. At RT-Labs we have developed embedded systems for years and without automated testing we would never have been able to deliver with the quality we do.

Resident engineer

RT-Labs provides on-site product expertise to support your product development team. Resident engineering services are available in Scandinavia.  This service is offered to all our customers regardless if it’s an automated testing project or if it concerns RT-Labs to partner upp with you.

Do you want to see if RT-Labs can be a part of your team? Contact Olof Lennerstedt to discuss if a resident engineer can fit your needs.

CEO Olof Lennerstedt

How does rt-labs Platform support working in teams?

Complex projects where the project scope is demanding, e.g. integration with new/older field buses, new legislation and security requirements is a challenge by itself. For the development team this means that one must work together in a much more controlled and efficient manner. To address these issues RT-Labs uses colabserver, that is a part of RT-Labs Platform, enabling structured requirements management and project management. It contains functionality to efficiently support development in distributed teams,e in different geographic locations and time zones. 

Now you can benefit from using multiple development assets in different parts of the world. Invite all developers to the colab server to use different skill sets where it is needed the most. The aggregated effect of using RT-Labs and colab server is a marriage of consulting, software and hardware. The end result? A leading edge high quality solution.

Case Studies

What is it like to work with RT-Labs and what results can you expect? Learn how our products and services have made a difference. Our work ranges from helping clients to set up a development platform and automated testing, to cases where we use our full competence to deliver a complete control system. Our customers are non-industry specific – control systems are needed everywhere.

How Kvaser runs over 50 products on the same platform

Standardize for versatility

  • Country: Sweden
  • Industry: Development products
  • Company size:50

How project March uses RT-Labs development tools to gain speed

An exoskeleton is, as the name says, an external structure which helps a person with a spinal cord injury to recover some of the basic mobility, such as to sit, raise and walk. Project MARCH, at the Technical University in Delft in the Netherlands, is an initiative where students develop and build an exoskeleton for a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the waist down.

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Industry: Medtech
  • Company size:30