SOES v3.0.0

Simple Open EtherCAT Slave or SOES


For a tutorial on SOEM See Tutorial


SOES is an EtherCAT slave stack written in C. It is production-ready, and is also useful for learning about Ethercat technology. All users are invited to study the source to get an understanding how an EtherCAT slave function

Features as of 1.0.0 :

  • Address offset based HAL for easy ESC read/write access via any interface

  • Mailbox with data link layer

  • CoE

  • Object dictionary

  • SDO read and write for all sizes including segmented transfers

  • Easy portable C-code suited for embedded applications

  • Fixed PDO mapping

  • FoE with bootstrap template

  • Support for Little and Big endian targets.

  • Polling for interrupts