EtherCAT SDK is a complete toolset for developing and maintaining EtherCAT slaves. It includes the EtherCAT Slave Editor for C-code generation and EtherCAT Explorer for EtherCAT network exploration, logging and diagnostics. Together with SOES EtherCAT Slave Stack the developer have an all in one tool for developing EtherCAT slaves in an efficient way easy to support and maintain throughout the lifecycle.

EtherCAT SDK come in different packages.

  • EtherCAT SDK – EtherCAT SDK (full package as Eclipse plug-in)
    • Slave Editor
    • EtherCAT Explorer
  • EtherCAT SDK – Slave Editor edition (standalone tool)
    • Slave Editor

Documentation & downloads

Please visit User & Reference Manual

Sample projects

Two sample projects are provided (click on links to download):

Pricing and licensing

A full featured 30-days evaluation license is offered.


EtherCAT Slave Generator Tool
EtherCAT Explorer
EtherCAT SDK (Slave Generator Tool + Explorer)

Per Developer Seat

EtherCAT Slave Generator Tool : € 3000
EtherCAT Explorer : € 3000
EtherCAT SDK (Slave Generator Tool + Explorer) : € 5000
Customizations/Adaptations: On request

Per Site

EtherCAT Slave Generator Tool : ask for quote
EtherCAT Explorer : ask for quote
EtherCAT SDK (Slave Generator Tool + Explorer) : ask for quote
Customizations/Adaptations: On request

Please contact to receive a quote.