Why choose rt-labs?

Your Problem, our Solution.

P: You’re not sure of how EtherCAT works and if it really can solve your problem.
S: We got nine years of experience and know what it can do and what it can’t do, we help you solve the “can do”.

P: You have a tight time plan for time to market, but don’t want to throw away money on consultants estimating if they will make it on time.
S: We know we’ll make it on time and you’ll know how much it will cost. We put pride in our deliveries and give you, free of charge, a warranty to back it up.

P: You use a new hardware for your new fieldbus application. It doesn’t work as expected. What forum do you post on or who do you call or email?
S: With rt-labs as a partner, you´ll make one call or mail to rt-labs, we support both.

P: I only want one EtherCAT supplier.
S: We got master, slave and tools covering most applications.

P: I need to supply my electronic manufacturer with a production test application for my new slave device. I want a simple headless master application without a runtime license.
S: We can write a simple console application based on SOEM, at a one time cost, and simple enough for you to maintain throughout the product life cycle.

P: I use Infineons XMC4300 with very limited memory resources, I need a bootloader capable of downloading a new image over EtherCAT and update the application. Can we make it fit 32K?
S: Yes, we know our products and can tailor a solution that fit your needs.

P: I’m fed up with all the different tools needed to be able to develop and maintain our EtherCAT product.
S: We offer an all-in-one tool with our Eclipse based development environment including EtherCAT configuration and diagnostics tools.

P: Wireshark is great, if it only could dissect my data as well.
S: It does support making plug-ins to dissect your custom data and we can help you do it.