SIL3 Certified FSoE Stack

RT-Labs is proud to announce the release of its FailSafe over EtherCAT (FSoE) stack, now available in a SIL3 certified version. This new version brings enhanced safety and reliability to industrial communication, offering a pre-certified solution that significantly simplifies the certification process for end products.

FSoE technology, defined by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), is a safety protocol for EtherCAT networks that ensures the safe transmission of data between devices. It enables the integration of safety-related communication on the same network as standard communication, reducing complexity and cost. FSoE uses a “black channel” approach, where safety measures are implemented at the application layer, ensuring data integrity and consistency without requiring changes to the underlying communication infrastructure. This makes it ideal for applications in automation and robotics where safety is critical.

The RT-Labs FSoE stack is fully compliant with the ETG FSoE test suite, implemented according to ETG standards, and MISRA C 2012 compliant. The SIL3 certification from TÜF SÜD guarantees that the FSoE stack meets the highest safety standards, providing robust protection for critical industrial applications. Additionally, the stack is portable, written in standard C code, and easy to use. It offers a very small footprint and is delivered in full source code with certification, a safety manual, documentation, and sample applications. By using a pre-certified FSoE stack, customers can streamline their product certification process, saving significant time and costs. The stack is designed for seamless integration, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently implement it, reducing engineering effort and complexity.

Top five features of RT-Labs’ SIL3 certified FSoE stack:

  1. SIL3 certification: Meets the highest safety standards for robust protection in critical applications.
  2. ETG compliance: Fully compliant with the ETG FSoE test suite and implemented according to ETG standards.
  3. MISRA C 2012 compliance: Ensures high-quality, safe, and reliable code.
  4. Small footprint: Optimized for minimal resource usage, making it efficient and cost-effective.
  5. Complete delivery: Provided in full source code with certification, safety manual, documentation, and sample applications for ease of integration and certification.

“We are excited to offer our customers the SIL3 certified version of our FSoE stack,” said Olof Lennerstedt, CEO at RT-Labs. “This release underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable solutions that simplify the certification process for our clients. By offering a pre-certified stack, we aim to reduce the burden on developers and help them bring their products to market faster and more efficiently.”

RT-Labs is a leading provider of industrial communication solutions, specializing in software-first approaches that simplify and enhance industrial automation. With a focus on reliability, ease of use, and customer support, RT-Labs delivers innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industrial sector.

For more information about the SIL3 certified FSoE stack and other RT-Labs products, please contact us.

Safety over EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany