rt-labs EtherCAT solutions for Infineon

rt-labs offers the EtherCAT SDK for DAVE ™. A complete toolkit that simplifies EtherCAT Slave development on XMC43 and XMC48.


EtherCAT SDK is a complete tool-kit for developing EtherCAT slaves on embedded systems. It is available as a plugin to to Infineon’s IDE DAVE ™ or can be run stand-alone. It has two separate components:

  • The EtherCAT Slave Editor is a tool for generating ESI, EEPROM ad object dictionaries for slaves using the SOES stack. It reduces the time and effort needed for developing EtherCAT slaves significantly.
  • The EtherCAT Explorer is a tool to connect to running EtherCAT slaves, to do network exploration, logging and diagnostics. This makes it possible to develop EtherCAT slaves without installing TwinCAT and simplifies testing during development



Key Features and advantages

  • One tool reduces manual steps – With rt-labs EtherCAT SDK there is no need for separate tools (such as TwinCAT, EEPROM editor, etc.)
  • Low threeshold for beginners – built in wizards to guide the developer in the EtherCAT Slave development.
  • Easy to iterate the development – thanks to the built in wizards and code generation, it is easy and fast to iterate the development.

XMC samples and downloads


Open source projects

Here are our github pages with further information and the possibility to download SOEM (Simple Open EtherCAT Master stack) and SOES (Simple Open EtherCAT Slave stack) or get more documentation and reference manuals:

Help & Support

If you have questions regarding our products, please send an e-mail to support@rt-labs.com. If you would like to request support or use one of our solutions, please send an e-mail to sales@rt-labs.com.

Available reference designs and profiles listed below.

EtherCAT Master using SOEM
  • Infineon XMCx
EtherCAT Slave using SOES
  • Infineon XMC43
  • Infineon XMC48
Supported profiles/features
  • CANOpen over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Vendor over EtherCAT (VoE)
  • Distributed clocks
  • SERCOS over EtherCAT (SoE)