Licensing and Pricing Model

Our licensing and pricing model aims to provide you with flexibility, scalability, and affordability, enabling you to leverage our industrial network stacks effectively.

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At RT-Labs, we understand the importance of providing flexible and affordable pricing options to our customers. Our licensing and pricing model is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes, ensuring that you can access our industrial network stacks while maintaining budgetary considerations.

Let’s explore how our model works and the four easy steps involved in getting your product connected and deployed.

1. STart For Free

We offer four different development plans: Free, Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise. The Free plan gives you access to product source code (with some limited functionality), downloads and full product documentation.


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2. Purchase a product Development Plan

While the Free plan has functional limitations and is not suitable for production or certification, the other plans grant access to full source code without restrictions. These plans are designed to cater to different development needs, offering varying levels of features, support, tools, code verification, and certification.

Essentials Plan

The Essentials Development Plan is ideal for getting started, offering a best-effort support agreement. It provides access to the full source code and includes an initial deployment license that allows you to produce up to 10 units per year.

Standard Plan

Building upon the Essentials plan, the Standard Development Plan offers additional code verification and safety features, including a Level 1 Service Level Agreement (SLA). This plan is suitable for developers who require more control over software functionality. It includes 10 hours of dedicated technical support, with the option to purchase additional hours beyond the initial support period. The Standard Development Plan comes with an initial deployment license for up to 10 units per year.

Enterprise Plan

For advanced needs, we offer the Enterprise Development Plan. This plan extends the capabilities of the Standard plan, providing features such as verification, safety, and scalability, along with a high-priority Level 2 SLA. It caters to organizations seeking enterprise-level support and extensive customization options. The Enterprise Development Plan includes 20 hours of dedicated technical support per year, with the option to purchase additional hours. It comes with an initial deployment license for up to 20 units per year.


3. Develop and Integrate

Develop your products and seamlessly integrate our network stack into them. RT-Labs are always ready to help you with the integration, either through the included support package or through a full integration project.

Purchase a deployment license and

4. Get your products on the market

Finally, deploy your products in the market, paying only for the units you intend to produce.

Deployment licenses are purchased on a yearly basis and grant you the right to produce up to the specified license level. These licenses are connected to a development plan and can only be purchased if you have the Essentials, Standard, or Enterprise plan.

Each year, RT-Labs assists you in coordinating and balancing the deployment license level for the upcoming year, ensuring you have the appropriate licensing for your production needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing & Licenses

  • What payment methods do you support?

    We accept a variety of credit and debit cards via our secure payment processor Stripe. The payment methods accepted include PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Network. Payment details are encrypted and secure. No card details are stored on our server.

    We also offer traditional payment via quote and invoice.