Minesto chooses rt-labs as its development partner

Minesto has chosen rt-labs as its development partner for control systems. Under the terms of a three-year agreement rt-labs will support Minesto primarily in the development and testing of the Deep Green underwater kite.
“Discovering faults once the system is installed in the water is very expensive. We therefore focus strongly on doing as much as possible of the testing and verification work earlier in the development process. rt-labs has shown that it can deliver both a robust platform for our control system and a method of testing our technology under realistic conditions on dry land, something that will drastically cut our development costs,” says Dr. Heije Westberg, CTO at Minesto.
“Minesto has seen the benefits of investing in a technological platform that is robust and easy to test, and this is a path that increasing numbers of companies are choosing to follow. We’re delighted that Minesto has such confidence in us and we are looking forward to this cooperative venture,” says Olof Lennerstedt, CEO rt-labs.
For more information about Minesto and how to extract energy from tidal waters in an entirely new way: www.minesto.com