rt-labs launches rt-robotest iodrive nano

Allt fler företag ser nyttan och effekterna av automatiserade tester. rt-labs har därför tagit fram en instegsprodukt som visar hur enkelt det skall vara att automatisera testning av inbyggda system.

rt-labs has today launched rt-robotest iodrive nano, an easy-to-use module that can be used to try rt-robotest as concept, but also as peripheral unit in an existing HIL rig. The set-up and configuration is made simple thanks to the wireless interface.iodrive nano product image The user is able to start writing test case within a few minutes.

“We have developed rt-robotest iodrive nano to lower the threshold for automated regression testing of industrial control systems. It is a product we use ourselves and we have now made it available as a step-in module”, said Marcus Ekerhult, Product Manager Test Automation, rt-labs.

More info on rt-robotest iodrive nano is available here