Product support services

RT-Labs can assist you in several different ways. For more info on how RT-Labs can assist you in development of a complete system or act as a part in your development team, please see the development partner section.


RT-Labs undertakes a prestudy to analyze the requirements of a future control system for the customer. The prestudy will result in a written report which will cover:

The prestudy is delivered as a project report and presentation.

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Custom development

Need additional functionality? RT-Labs is ready to assist you with custom development of features you request.

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Custom Trouble shooting

Custom support and troubleshooting of fieldbus related issues. The services are provided by a dedicated expert with extensive experience of embedded systems and fieldbus technology. Typical challenges can be:

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Call an expert

We don’t do gatekeeping! Call us to get in contact with a skilled person with several control system projects under the belt.