Product support services

RT-Labs can assist you in several different ways. For more info on how RT-Labs can assist you in development of a complete system or act as a part in your development team, please see the development partner section.


RT-Labs undertakes a prestudy to analyze the requirements of a future control system for the customer. The prestudy will result in a written report which will cover:

  • Initial investigation of identified technical challenges.
  • Proposed system architecture.
  • Requirements Specification
  • System Test specification
  • Recommendations

The prestudy is delivered as a project report and presentation.

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Custom development

Need additional functionality? RT-Labs is ready to assist you with custom development of features you request.

  • Video meeting
  • Requierement specification and acceptance test
  • Business agreeement
  • Custom development – weekly status report
  • Functional guarantee

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Custom Trouble shooting

Custom support and troubleshooting of fieldbus related issues. The services are provided by a dedicated expert with extensive experience of embedded systems and fieldbus technology. Typical challenges can be:

  • Conformance testing issues
  • Jitter related issues
  • Configuration issues

Please contact RT-Labs for more information.

Case Studies

What is it like to work with RT-Labs and what results can you expect? Learn how our products and services have made a difference. Our work ranges from helping clients to set up a development platform and automated testing, to cases where we use our full competence to deliver a complete control system. Our customers are non-industry specific – control systems are needed everywhere.

How regenHU found a robust and validated open-source com stack

To stay in the know

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Industry: Medtech
  • Company size:30+

How Inspekto prepared their offer for the US market

Taking a closer look

  • Country: Israel
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Company size:20+

Call an expert!

We don’t do gatekeeping! Call us to get in contact with a skilled person with several control system projects under the belt.

Daniel Udd

Daniel Udd

Software platform, EtherCAT, CANOpen, Group Manager

+46 768 50 74 55

Hans-Erik Floryd

Hans-Erik Floryd

CTO, Software platform, CANopen, EtherCAT

+46 709 68 38 93