Module 01

U-Phy enabled hardware module


Module 01 is a hardware developed for easy integration into your final product design. Designed specially for the U-Phy firmware. Its small size and connector placement helps when embedding in small product enclosures. The hardware schematics are free to download and use.

Price and documentation

Link to documentation
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  • Microchip LAN9255 microcontroller
  • Microchip LAN9303 dual port Ethernet switch
  • All Protocols on board available
  • Supports Profinet, EtherCAT and Modbus protocols via U-Phy firmware
  • High speed SPI interface and power pins to connect Module 01 to the host CPU
  • Onboard digital and analog IO’s for simple devices without host CPU.
  • 3.3V DC supply voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • Vibration-resistant mounting
  • PCB size 36×30 mm


HW schematic: link for download

DXF: link for download

STEP: link for download


Test and evaluate the Module 01 module with our evaluation kit. Available for order here.