Modbus is an automation protocol originally specified for serial networks such as RS-485 (Modbus RTU). It has since been adapted for Ethernet networks (Modbus TCP).


M-Bus is RT-Labs Modbus stack and can be used to implement a Modbus master or slave and supports Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. It can be run on bare-metal hardware or on an RTOS such as RT-Kernel.

The Modbus stack is supplied with full sources including a porting layer. The application interfaces with the stack primarily via a set of callbacks to get and set Modbus registers and coils.

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How to obtainContact sales@rt-labs.com
PriceContact sales@rt-labs.com
Product categoryCommunication stacks
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  •  Modbus master
    •  Optional integration with rt-shell
  •  Modbus slave
  •  Modbus TCP
  •  Modbus RTU
  •  Bare-metal or RTOS
    •  Porting layer provided
  •  Source code provided
  •  Integration services available