P-Net commercial license

P-Net is a Profinet Device stack that is easy to use and provides a small footprint. It is a perfect alternative to more complex stacks on the market and is well suited for embedded systems.

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P-Net is written in C and can be run on bare-metal hardware, an RTOS such as RT-Kernel, or on Linux. The main requirement is that the platform can send and receive RAW Ethernet Layer 2 frames. The Profinet stack is supplied with full sources including a porting layer.

RT-Labs Profinet Device stack is developed according to specification 2.4

  • Conformance Class A & B
  • Real Time Class 1



  • TCP/IP
  • RT (real-time)
  • Address resolution
  • Parameterization
  • Process IO data exchange
  • Alarm handling
  • Configurable number of modules and sub-modules
  • Bare-metal or OS
  • Porting layer provided

Link to documentation: rt-labs.com/docs/p-net/

Link to download: github.com/rtlabs-com/p-net


Our licensing model is very simple. A commercial license binds to the product via its product name, product description, target processor/microcontroller and your company name. All of RT-Labs software components are royalty-free and distributed in source code. The commercial license is perpetual and there are no limitations in terms of sites, number of developers, number of manufactured units or usages. The commercial license does not include any GPL or copyleft and can be used in any commercial product. The license is valid for a product which is described in a license scope. No runtime fees apply.

The SLA covering this product can be found here.
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