Software platform

RT-Labs software platforms products are tested and work in tandem cooperation with other RT-Labs products to act as a suite.

A Swedish-designed genuine RTOS

The RT-Kernel platform has been designed deterministically from the ground up and to support hard real-time. Statically time-controlled schedules can be defined and the kernel ensures that deadlines are met.

To this is added the possibility of handling less time-critical event-based functionality in a flexible and efficient way, such as communication stacks. All packaged in the same system and the same processor thanks to innovative scheduling.

A comprehensive software platform

Through various supplementary modules we can offer a very comprehensive software platform for embedded products based on the RT-Kernel platform. In its simplest configuration, the platform consists of a very small OS kernel and a small number of essential functions that take up minimal system resources.

The platform can easily be expanded with additional modules to meet your specific product’s functional needs.

Add support or development partner services

Get a team of experts to assist you! Support is provided by engineers with extensive knowledge of embedded realtime systems. Wan’t more assistance? Get a resident engineer or let RT-Labs take on a role as a complete solution provider. Our customers can be divided into three categories depending on how much one wants RT-Labs to be engaged in the project at hand.

Software Support

Get your own support person! Many times it is a bad move to address support issues as a generic service. Available with all licensed purchases.

Cooperative team

Work with us as a team member. RT-Labs is often invited to be a part of the team, together with in- house technicians or consultants contracted by the customer

Development partner

Do you need to rapidly deploy a complete solution? Do you have a set budget and want better cost control? Do you find it difficult to staff your project? Give us a call.

Case Studies

What is it like to work with RT-Labs and what results can you expect? Learn how our products and services have made a difference. Our work ranges from helping clients to set up a development platform and automated testing, to cases where we use our full competence to deliver a complete control system. Our customers are non-industry specific – control systems are needed everywhere.

How Kvaser runs over 50 products on the same platform

Standardize for versatility

  • Country: Sweden
  • Industry: Development products
  • Company size:50

How DASA found resources for enhanced product development

  • Country: Sweden
  • Industry: Forestry
  • Company size:30

Call an expert!

We don’t do gatekeeping! Call us to get in contact with a skilled person with several control system projects under the belt.

Hans-Erik Floryd

Hans-Erik Floryd

CTO, Software platform, CANopen, EtherCAT

+46 709 68 38 93

Daniel Udd

Daniel Udd

Software platform, EtherCAT, CANOpen, Group Manager

+46 768 50 74 55