EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP)

The EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP) specifies communication services and protocols for Master devices and Ethernet-based devices connected with a standard Ethernet network.

Standard networks are used for data exchange between devices.
The timing constraints are weaker than for a fieldbus with high real-time requirements but a cyclic communication in the
range of milliseconds is required as well.

The EAP can be used for different use-cases:

  • Master-Master communication
  • Configuration Tool interface
  • Monitoring
  • General Protocol for Data Exchange between devices


  •  ETG.1005 compliant
  •  Process data communication
  •  Pushed data exchange
  • Polled data exchange
  • Mailbox communication
  • Configuration of Process Data
  • Configuration of Device Specific Parameters
  • ADS over EtherCAT (AoE)
  • CoE services support
  • FoE services support
  • MDP Fieldbus Gateway Profiles supported ETG.5001
  • 1100 EtherCAT Master
  • 1101 EAP Master as EtherCAT slave (Vendor specific profile)
  • 5100 CANOpen Master
  • 5110 CANOpen Slave
  • 6220 IO Link Master
  • OS supported
    • rt-kernel
    •  Windows
    • Linux
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