Pricing and licenses

Most or RT-Labs communication stacks are issued under a dual license; GPL and proprietary/commercial. Terms and conditions for the commercial license are available here

The commercial license does not include any GPL / copyleft and can be used in any commercial product. The license is valid for a product family or project which is described in a license scope. No runtime fees apply.

Modification of the terms and conditions of the commercial license is possible for an extra fee, please contact for further details.

Is there a difference in functionality between the commercial and GPL version?

No, it is only the license terms and conditions that differ. Profiles/adaptations/ports etc are normally not provided under GPL.

Which communication stacks are available as commercial license?

  • SOEM  – EtherCAT Master Library)
  • SOES  – EtherCATSlave Library)
  • c-open – RT-Labs CANOpen stack
  • p-net – RT-Labs ProfiNET stack
  • i-link – RT-Labs IO-Link stack

How do I order a license?

Request a quote from RT-Labs via Please include a product name and product description in the request.

How do I prove to my customer etc. that I have a valid commercial license?

The following two documents are needed:

  • Purchase order from your company referring to the quote (referred to as ” related business document” in the Software License Agreement
  • The quote provided by RT-Labs (which includes the Software License Agreement)

The commerical license is delivered as release with custom headers including the license definition.