Shell for rt-kernel

Command line interface to rt-kernel available via serial port and/or Ethernet using Telnet.

No encryption or other security features available.


Editable command line à la bash default keybindings:

  • Arrow left/right (CTRL-B/CTRL-F): left/right
  • Arrow upp/down (CTRL-P/CTRL-N): history back/forward
  • CTRL-R: search substring backwards in history
  • Home/End (CTRL-A/CTRL-E): First position in line/last position in
  • Backspace, delete

Standard commands:

  • task\_show
  • heap\_show
  • dev\_show
  • event\_log
  • mem\_read
  • mem\_write

File utilities commands:

  • ls
  • cd
  • cp/mv/rm
  • mkdir/rmdir
  • cat
  • upload/download (xmodem)
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