Profinet for embedded systems

At RT-Labs we want to share our expertise! Working solely in the field of embedded real-time control systems have positioned RT-Labs as a marquee knowledge player globally.

Profinet is designed for collecting data from, and controlling equipment in industrial systems, with a particular strength in delivering data under tight time constraints which is why RT-Labs’ customers uses it for various applications.

This Course teaches its participants to handle different obstacles regarding the technique, aswell as giving them a solid base to stand on in future development and usage of it.

Topics covered

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Tools and hardware

The workshops is hands-on and uses the following tools and hardware which RT-labs provide:

By combining important theory with hands-on exercises, it ensures that attendees leave the course fully ready to use the ProfiNET stack.


Who should attend

The workshops are primarily designed for embedded engineers. Participants are not required to know anything about ProfiNET but should be well proficient in C programming

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Link to RT-Labs P-Net stack: p-net @ GitHub

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The workshop is held through Google Meet.

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