Event Logging


void log_enable (void)
void log_disable (void)
void log_event (uint32_t event, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2)
void log_show (void)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ log_disable()

void log_disable ( void  )

Stop logging rt-kernel and user events.

◆ log_enable()

void log_enable ( void  )

Start logging rt-kernel and user events. The event log must have been created by setting the CFG_EVENT_LOG_SIZE macro to a value larger than 0.

◆ log_event()

void log_event ( uint32_t  event,
uint32_t  arg1,
uint32_t  arg2 

Log user event.

eventThe user-defined event to log. rt-kernel uses event id:s from 0 to 127. User-defined event id:s should be higher or equal to 128.
arg1User-defined argument
arg2User-defined argument

◆ log_show()

void log_show ( void  )

Prints the log to stdout using rprintp(). This may prove useful for debugging purposes. This function should not be called from application code, but may be called from e.g. uerror() or an exception handler.