RT-Labs M-Bus is a Modbus stack that implements a Modbus master or device. It supports Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP and can be run on bare-metal hardware, or on an RTOS such as RT-Kernel.

Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) Slave

RT-Collab Toolbox

rt-collab Toolbox is an integrated environment for rt-kernel development. The main components are: Workbench (Eclipse IDE) GCC cross-compilers Msys QEMU Workbench is an integrated development environment, or IDE, which is based on Eclipse and containsthe C/C++ Development Tools (CDT). The version of CDT provided by rt-collab Toolbox includes crosscompilersupport and contains a number of bug-fixes […]

FreeRTOS port for SOEM on TMS570LC4357

EtherCAT CiA402 Motor Control

Showcasing Microchip LAN9252 and dsPIC Microcontroller with CiA402 Profile

Test development and support

Test and test development using RT-Labs RT-Robotest products.

RT-Robotest Test Plate


a rt-labs robotest module to test client software.

RT-Labs iodrive TS19

RT-Labs iodrive TS19 is a ready to use HIL-rig for complete system testing of embedded systems. RT-Labs iodrive TS19 makes it possible to test interfaces like GPIO, CAN, PWM, etc. Testing in the real-time domain is supported. Inputs and outputs are represented as keywords in Robot Framework, making it easy to write and maintain tests.

Shell for rt-kernel

Command line interface to rt-kernel available via serial port and/or Ethernet using Telnet.

Prestudy – automated regression testing

Prestudy to set out the requirements and expected outcome from implementing a automated regression test system.

Custom support and troubleshooting

Custom support and troubleshooting of EtherCAT related issues on embedded devices.

Custom adoptations for SOEM library

rt-labs provide EtherCAT development and tools services upon request.

FreeRTOS SPI LAN9252 port for SOES library

FreeRTOS XMC4 port for SOES library

FreeRTOS Zynq ET1815 port for SOES library

FreeRTOS SPI ET1100 port for SOES library

FreeRTOS HBI LAN9252 port for SOES library

Custom port for SOEM library

RT-Kernel introduction course

A one-day workshop that will give developers a thorough understanding of RT-Kernel.

EtherCAT for Embedded Systems

This two-day workshop is designed to give developers a thorough understanding of EtherCAT development in embedded systems. By combining important theory with plenty of hands-on exercises, it ensures that attendees leave the course fully ready to develop EtherCAT Masters/Slaves. It is, quite simply, the most cost-effective first step for any professional development team about to start using EtherCAT in embedded systems

EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP)

The EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP) specifies communication services and protocols for Master devices and Ethernet-based devices connected with a standard Ethernet network.


vxWorks port for SOEM library

FreeRTOS XMC4 port for SOEM library

EtherNet/IP Adapter device stack


The RT-Labs CANOpen stack C-Open can be used to implement a CANOpen master or slave. It supports multiple instances and can be run on bare-metal hardware, an RTOS such as RT-Kernel, or on Linux or Windows.

CiA 402 device profile

CiA 402 is a device profile for power drive systems.

SOES TCP/IP EoE sample application

Simulink Target Interface Generator (STIG)

STIG is a module based system for automatic code generation using simulink generated code as input.

RT-Labs Linux

rt-platform Linux is a entire Linux system targeting embedded systems, based on the Yocto project.

Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) Master

Safety-over-EtherCAT is a safety communication layer primarily for EtherCAT networks.


Pilot is a user-friendly tool for control and visualization of process data and parameters that covers data-acquisition, calibration and post-analysis during embedded target development.


The RT-Labs Profinet Device stack is used for Profinet device implementations. It is easy to use and provides a small footprint. It is a good alternative to more complex stacks on the market and is especially well suited for embedded systems.


rt-kernel is an RTOS for embedded devices.

XMC4300 EtherCAT Slave sample

RT-Labs EtherCAT Explorer

EtherCAT Explorer is an EtherCAT network exploration, logging and diagnostics tool.

CiA 402 drive profile library

RT-Labs EtherCAT Slave Editor

The Slave Editor is an EtherCAT slave design tool supporting the developer in creating EtherCAT conformant slaves.

EtherCAT Slave Library (SOES)

SOES EtherCAT Slave Library, written in C, used to write custom EtherCAT Slave applications.