CiA 402 device profile

CiA 402 is a device profile for power drive systems.


It has been standardized by the CAN in Automation organization and is also used in
EtherCAT networks.

The RT-Labs DS402 profile is available for our CANOpen or SOES

The DS402 profile is supplied with full sources. TODO: API etc.

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  • CiA 402 Finite State Automaton (FSA)
  • CiA 402 profiles
    • Position profile (PP)
    • Profile velocity mode (PV)
    • Velocity mode (VL)
    • Torque profile mode (TQ)
    • Homing (HM)
    • Cyclic sync position (CSP)
    • Cyclic sync velocity (CSV)
    • Cyclic sync torque (CST)