CiA 402 drive profile library


EtherCAT conformant slave application sample for the XMC4x board.

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Sample application is using Sync Manager synchronization mode. CiA 402 provide the interface between the motion application and the communication layer, The application use the SOES (Simple Open EtherCAT Slave) EtherCAT slave stack that include support for EEPROM emulation, CoE (CANOpen over EtherCAT) and FoE (File over EtherCAT). To configure the slave according to selected mode of operation the EtherCAT Slave Editor tool is used, provided by RT-Labs. To support selectable modes of operations the featore in EtherCAT Slave Generator Tool: Dynamic PdoAssignment is used.
At least

The following DS402-modes are supported

  • csp
  • csv
  • cst