Pilot is a user-friendly tool for control and visualization of process data and parameters that covers data-acquisition, calibration and post-analysis during embedded target development.


Pilot is designed to be able to log and store large amount of data utilizing the HDF5 file format in conjunction with a high bandwidth communication bus.
Logged data can easily be imported to MATLAB, Python or java or any other software platform supporting HDF5 for post-analysis, replay and simulation of recorded data.

Either Ethernet or EtherCAT can be used as communication bus to the embedded target.

Price and documentation

How to obtainContact sales@rt-labs.com
Priceeuro 5000 per developer seat
TechnologySimulinkSoftware platform
Product categoryDevelopment tools
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  • Intuitive user interface
  • Process data control and visualization
  • Parameter control and visualization for run-time calibration
  • Graphical data acquisition display objects
  • Watch
  • Trace
  • Gauge
  • Knob
  • Meter
  • Progress bar
  • Thermometer
  • Firmware download
  • Dataset download
  • Built-in dataset generator
  • Logging of process data and parameters
  • Supported log file formats
  • HDF5
  • Connection type supported
  • Ethernet
  • EtherCAT