EtherCAT Slave Library (SOES)

SOES EtherCAT Slave Library, written in C, used to write custom EtherCAT Slave applications.


Can run on a large number of platforms, the main requirement is that the platform include or can interface an EtherCAT Slave Controller(ESC).

It is easy to use and provides a small footprint. It is a good alternative to more complex stacks on the market and is especially well suited for embedded systems.

Price and documentation

How to obtain
PriceGPL with exception
Product categoryCommunication stacks
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  • Memory allocated statically,
  • Low foot print
  • Easy to port driver and application layer via ESC read/write layer.

Hardware support

  • ET1100, ET1200
  • LAN9252
  • IP 181x
  • TI soft ESC
  • XMC4

Mailbox Box protocols:

  • CoE
  • FoE
  • EoE


  • Freerun
  • Syncmanager synchronous
  • Distributed Clocks

Modes of operation

  • Polling – will poll for events and data
  • Mixed polling/interrupt – will poll for events and trigger in data interrupts
  • Interrupt – will trigger on events and data interrupts