Software platform

RT-Labs software platforms products are tested and work in tandem cooperation with other RT-Labs products to act as a suite.

A Swedish-designed genuine RTOS

The RT-Kernel platform has been designed deterministically from the ground up and to support hard real-time. Statically time-controlled schedules can be defined and the kernel ensures that deadlines are met.

To this is added the possibility of handling less time-critical event-based functionality in a flexible and efficient way, such as communication stacks. All packaged in the same system and the same processor thanks to innovative scheduling.

RT-Kernel Integrated Development Environment
STM32F0 Discovery microcontroller development board.

for resource-constrained devices

Through various supplementary modules we can offer a very comprehensive software platform for embedded products based on the RT-Kernel platform. In its simplest configuration, the platform consists of a very small OS kernel and a small number of essential functions that take up minimal system resources.

RT-kernel is a secure, small, efficient, and reliable embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) designed to meet the most stringent real-time demands. It excels in automotive powertrain control applications, real-time audio and video streaming, and is versatile for other embedded applications. Depending on the processor and selected features, the RTOS kernel can range from 13 kB (ARM, Thumb instruction set) down to a minimal 6 kB.

RT-Kernel ports are available for many processor families, including ARM, PowerPC, and Blackfin®. Each port comprises an architecture layer for the processor and a Board Support Package (BSP) for peripherals. Supported manufacturers include:

    • Texas Instruments
    • Analog Devices
    • Silicon Labs
    • NXP
    • Microchip
    • ST Microelectronics
    • Infineon Technologies
    • Xilinx

Beyond its real-time kernel, RT-Kernel provides extensive support for numerous peripherals and communication protocols. It includes driver models for various devices, ensuring easy software portability across supported architectures. Built for determinism, RT-Kernel supports hard real-time applications. It allows for static time-based schedules, ensuring deadlines are met while also managing event-based functionality.

Emulating a POSIX-like environment, RT-Kernel includes a BSD socket API for TCP/IP. It comes with a GCC compiler toolchain optimized for your target architecture, integrated with RT-Kernel services like mutexes, time, and standard I/O

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