A complete suite

RT-Labs holds a complete technology suite for control system development. It features a software platform, development tools, stacks for communication and tools for testing automation. Products can be bought separately or as a complete suite.

Industrial Communication

RT-Labs communication stack are especially well suited for embedded systems with small resources. They are designed to work seamlessly together

Software platform

RT-Labs software platforms are especially well suited for embedded systems with industrial communication and includes both real-time and Linux operating systems.

Test automation

RT-Labs test automation framework is a resource efficient system designed to support embedded development

Call an expert!

We don’t do gatekeeping! Call us to get in contact with a skilled person with several control system projects under the belt.

Daniel Udd

Daniel Udd

Software platform, EtherCAT, CANOpen, Group Manager

+46 768 50 74 55

Hans-Erik Floryd

Hans-Erik Floryd

CTO, Software platform, CANopen, EtherCAT

+46 709 68 38 93