Testing automation

The challenge

In the course of development, carrying out system tests manually is expensive and disrupts the development process. Consequently, companies often fail to test as much as they should, in turn leading to significant quality-related costs.


By automating system testing, the quality of the end-product improves and resources otherwise tied up in manual testing are freed up for more productive work. What is more, our experience shows that developers with access to automatic testing who actually make use of this facility are significantly more productive since they dare make major changes to code that they have not written themselves.


rt-labs has developed a simple and adaptable solution for test rigs used in system testing. This solution largely replaces the costly testing of hardware that today is usually carried out manually – or far too seldom. The test rig is based on off-the-shelf components, which permits a short delivery time, scalability and a modular structure that is easy to maintain. rt-labs designs test rigs to exactly match each client’s requirements and always delivers at a fixed price – and with a warranty.