One firmware. All protocols.


U-PHY at a glance

U-Phy is the revolutionary multi-protocol fieldbus firmware that takes your industrial automation systems to the next level. Built for seamless integration and outstanding compatibility, U-Phy ensures that your devices communicate effortlessly, optimizing your operations like never before. You can buy and use our prefab hardware to jumpstart a project or integrate its schematic completely.

From Profinet to EtherCAT, U-Phy supports a diverse range of industry-leading protocols, with even more on the way, including Ethernet/IP and Modbus.

We empower you to keep full control over your hardware production loop through our open-source hardware platform, democratizing access to advanced technology.

U-Phy offers a budget-friendly way to get the hardware you need, without compromising on quality.

Save time and eliminate manual errors with our intuitive web-based Device Builder tool, which auto-generates configurations for your fieldbuses.

Evaluation kit

The evaluation kit is an easy way to get started with U-Phy. It comes with everything needed to get started – Module 01, Arduino shield, and software bundle.

Open design hardware

You can buy and use our prefab hardware to jumpstart a project or integrate its schematic completely.

Talk TO any fieldbus​

Make your product global. Get all fieldbuses at once.

Stay ahead of the curve with continuous updates that extend protocol support, ensuring your systems are always compatible with emerging industry standards.

Flexible Deployment Options

Every industrial automation project has its own set of unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer two convenient options to get you up and running with U-Phy.

1. Prefabbed module

Don’t want to spend time on hardware integration? Opt for our pre-fabricated hardware modules that come pre-flashed with U-Phy firmware. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

Purchasing our prefab Module 01 hardware is the quickest way to implement U-Phy into your industrial systems. It saves you the time and resources you’d spend on hardware design and firmware flashing.

2. RUN U-Phy on Your Own Hardware

If you prefer a hands-on approach or need a customized solution, you can purchase the U-Phy firmware only. This allows you the freedom to implement the hardware yourself based on your specific requirements.

We provide comprehensive hardware schematics to guide you through your implementation. This ensures that you have all the information you need to integrate U-Phy seamlessly.



U-Phy reduces the integration time by more than 60% in comparison to traditional fieldbus solutions.


Our Arduino compatible evaluation kit makes evaluation easy. Create and model your fieldbus data using the supplied tools and that’s all there is to it, you are now ready.

INTEGRATE & Implement

We know that sometimes the project is in a rush and needed the solution yesterday. No problem, we got your back. By offering pre build, industrial grade and open design hardware modules that you can snap in and get your communication up and running in no time. Later on, when cost is your main driver, you can easily switch out the hardware module to a fully integrated solution right on your PCB.

Following our API implementation design guides is easy and gives your application full fieldbus access in no time.


Putting your product on the market sometimes requires the product to be certified through various organisations. With pre-certified products from RT-Labs and with the help from our guidelines, this process is a breeze.


The U-Phy API is the only point of communication your product needs to access in order to communicate on the industrial network. It is literally one API for all communication protocols.

Create a FREE account and get access to the extensive manual that describes how you configure U-Phy for your specific product.

We provide comprehensive documentation, mechanical drawings, 3D models, and reference designs to help you build your perfect product.

Cut your costs

Open hardware design. No runtime costs. No royalties. Calculate your savings here.

Tomorrows forecast just got a little brighter!

Here is your projects ROI and your expected cost reduction:

Project ROI: 7 months

Cost savings (3 years): 195 000