For over 60 years, Hasselblad has devoted itself to producing the best cameras. Throughout time, they have managed to live up to Hasselblad’s brand promise, “help photographers achieve their photographic potential.”

About Hasselblad

Ever since that day when Victor Hasselblad decided not to copy a German spy camera, but to improve it, they have consistently worked to develop and promote photography. Hasselblad has focused on the long term development of its camera family which is designed for one purpose – to bring the best cameras in the hands of the people who use them. This was the faith that guided Victor Hasselblad and it is the belief still guides the Hasselblad.

Hasselblad knows that there are never any shortcuts to quality. Quality is the result of an unwavering dedication and hard work. No other camera manufacturer comes even close to the standard Hasselblad. Their long collaboration with NASA is a tribute to the extraordinary quality that Hasselblad cameras possess.

Hasselblad’s mission, now as always, is:
To be the preferred choice among professional minded photographers.


Hasselblad found themselves in a situation where they were looking for a partner who not only had a solid software and development platform with support for the latest micro processors and that both could be backed up with an attractive service offering to ensure timely delivery. Our long experience in the development of platform software for safety-critical systems made their choice easy.


rt-labsrt-kernel ® RTOS which was chosen as the solution together with the development environment rt-collab ®. The project was carried out on a couple of different development agencies along with rt-labs Professional Services, “it took 30 minutes to get started” was the developers’ spontaneous comment early in the project.


Hasselblad has successfully introduced a modern and efficient RTOS, rt-kernel ® on modern powerful microprocessor as well as a convenient development platform based on rt-collab ®.