Why do you need a development partner?


  • Buy readymade. You make quick progress, and you get low operating costs. The investment, on the other hand, is significant and control over functionality and forthcoming development is limited – as is your in-house competence growth.
  • Build yourself. Here you – or at least your developers – gain full control. The catch, apart from the time factor, is that your development resources will not be able to properly focus on customer value if at the same time they have to build and maintain generic software components.
  • Use consultants. This is really the same thing as building yourself, but at a higher cost and with lower in-house competence growth.
  • Development partner. Here you can optimise your resources and let your in-house experts work with those aspects that generate customer benefit and profitability. You get better control over costs and can gradually build up your in-house competence, but you will probably have to change your working method.

At rt-labs we are convinced that having a development partner is by far the most efficient option. That’s why we offer a fixed price and deliver with a warranty. If you share our vision of what efficiency and competitiveness are all about, then we already have a solid basis for a mutually beneficial partnership. Do get in touch and we’ll book a meeting to share the rest of our ideas on more efficient product development.