Software and products from rt-labs are based on modular, quality assured units that are developed by us, commercially available, or open source. Common for all of our products and deliveries are that they work perfectly together. Guaranteed.


Software platform

rt-kernel platform is a small, efficient and reliable real-time operating system (embedded RTOS) for embedded control systems. A minimal effective core that can be easily expanded with additional modules for your product’s unique needs.


Testing automation

Test is an often neglected part of development. A common misconception is that it is expensive and takes time and still not produce as much. All this is wrong. Automated tests pays off much faster than you think and can do wonders for your quality reputation.



EtherCAT SDK is a complete toolset for developing and maintaining EtherCAT slaves. It includes the EtherCAT Slave Editor for C-code generation and EtherCAT Explorer for EtherCAT network exploration, logging and diagnostics.