EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP)The EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP) specifies communication services and protocols for Master devices and Ethernet-based devices connected with a standard
CiA 402 drive profile libraryEtherCAT conformant slave application sample for the XMC4x board.

Communication stacks

EtherCAT Master Library (SOEM)SOEM (Simple Open EtherCAT Master) is an opensource EtherCAT master stack which is very easy to use and provides a small footprint. It is a good alternative to more complex stacks on the market and is especially well suited for embedded systems.
EtherCAT Slave Library (SOES)SOES EtherCAT Slave Library, written in C, used to write custom EtherCAT Slave applications. Can run on a large number
CANOpen stackCANOpen is an automation protocol based on CAN communication. It includes a number of services such as network management, supervision,
IO-Link Master stackIO-Link is a fieldbus independent point-to-point protocol. It is typically used for smart sensors and actuators in automation industry.
LIN master stackThe LIN master implements a LIN 2.1 master node. The LIN master provides an API to allow the application code
LIN slave stackThe LIN slave implements a LIN 2.1 slave node. The LIN slave provides an API to allow the application code
Modbus stackModbus is an automation protocol originally specified for serial networks such as RS-485 (Modbus RTU). It has since been adapted
ProfiNet Device stackThe rt-labs ProfiNet stack can be used to implement a ProfiNet device. It is written in C and can be
EtherNet/IP Adapter device stackEtherNet/IP provides standard Ethernet technology for industrial automation applications. It is one of the leading fieldbuses in the US.

Development tools

Simulink Target Interface Generator (STIG)Simulink integration provided by rt-labs Simulink Target Interface Generator, STIG. STIG is a module based system for automatic code generation
PilotPilot is a user-friendly tool for control and visualization of process data and parameters that covers data-acquisition, calibration and post-analysis
rt-labs EtherCAT ExplorerEtherCAT Explorer is an EtherCAT network exploration, logging and diagnostics tool. Together with EtherCAT SDK Slave Editor and SOES EtherCAT

Evaluation/getting started kits/tutorials

SOES TCP/IP EoE sample applicationEtherCAT slave TCP/IP and EoE appliacation sample using lwIP
XMC4300 Master SampleXMC4300 Package to be used with Infineon DAVE using SOEM.
XMC4300 EtherCAT Slave samplePackage to be used with Infineon DAVE using SOES

Operating systems

rt-platform Linuxrt-platform Linux is a entire Linux system targeting embedded systems, based on the Yocto project. It is delivered with a
rt-kernelrt-kernel is an RTOS for embedded devices. It includes a real-time kernel as well as support for many peripherals and

Port and drivers

vxWorks driver for EtherCAT Master Library SOEMVxWorks port for SOEM library
FreeRTOS port for SOEM libraryFeature summary FreeRTOS driver for avaliable microcotrollers HowTo obtain Call for list of available mintrollers Price Download link:

Profiles and services

CiA 402 device profileCiA 402 is a device profile for power drive systems. It has been standardized by the CAN in Automation organization
Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE)Safety-over-EtherCAT is a safety communication layer primarily for EtherCAT networks. It uses a black channel approach and does not rely

Training and services

rt-kernel introduction courseThis one-day workshop is designed to give developers a thorough understanding of rt-kernel.  By combining important theory with plenty of hands-on
EtherCAT for Embedded SystemsA two day workshop combining theory with practical developing elements enables the participants to start developing their own projects after having
Workshop EtherCAT for embedded systemsA two day workshop combining theory with practical developing elements enables the participants to start developing their own projects after