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Integrity Policy


Because of GDPR *, we have clarified our handling of personal data in an integrity policy, which more fully describes how we collect and store personal information.

Our integrity policy will ensure that personal information from our customers, business partners, suppliers and other partners are processed and protected in a secure manner. The private policy regarding our employees and applicants is stated in our employee terms, which you will be informed about in case of an employment.

The integrity policy handles personal data provided to us when making business with our company such as collaboration agreements, purchase orders, sales orders, PR events.

Types of personal data handled by rt-labs AB

  • Customers: Phone number, email and, if necessary, title. Stored in our CRM-system, hosted by rt-labs AB and in mail application (Google G-suite). Is used when personal contact is needed concerning delivery, projects, sales and other business cases. Reviews of customers’ personal data is made every year, where deletion of personal data is made, if no longer needed. All employees at rt-labs AB have access to our customer data.
  • Suppliers: Same personal data is stored as for customer.
  • Leads/prospects: In order to process new business opportunities we in some cases need to store phone number, email and if necessary title to our potential customers. This personal data is stored in our CRM system (hosted by rt-labs AB) and in our mail application (Google G-suite). Review of our leads/prospects personal data is made every year, where deletion of personal data is made, if no longer needed. All employees at rt-labs AB have access to our prospects’/leads’ data.
  • Employees: The private policy for employees/subcontractors/applicants are stated in our employee terms.

Personal data transferred

No personal data is transferred to any other country.

rt-labs AB never forward personal data to third part for marketing purposes. If personal delivery of products or any other distribution to personal addresses is necessary in our projects or contracts, personal data may be mandatory to provide to the distributor in order to fulfil our agreements.

Review of personal data

rt-labs AB offers anyone who wish, a possibility to review their personal data stored at our part. If the data is incorrect or in any other way irrelevant, you will be able to demand deletion of your personal data. If the data is for some reason (e.g. accounting purposes) needs to be kept on our account, you will be informed about why rt-labs AB needs your specific data.

Personal data for marketing

You can at any time recall your consent to using your personal data for rt-labs AB’s marketing purposes


Our website contains links to other companies’ or community websites, which naturally we do not supervise and can not be responsible for their policies. These links are only for simplifying our visitors’ experience and for finding relevant information about different subjects related to our business.


All data is stored encrypted and is secured by login only authorized has access to.

Contact information for personal data issues

RT-Labs AB
Första Långgatan 18
413 28 Göteborg

Telefon: +46 (0)31 240 250
E-post: info@rt-labs.com

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Organisationsnummer: 556662-4614
Momsregisteringsnummer: VAT-NR SE556662461401

* General Data Protection Regulation (European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No 2016/679), abbreviated GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU regulation which will apply throughout the European Union May 25, 2018. GDPR replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act.


Health and Safety Policy

At RT-Labs, health and safety is always first in priority. Our employees are our main asset and their health and safety shall always be protected. Rt-Labs’ management promote a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically where work life balance is central. Each employee is given the freedom and responsibility to utilize the means provided by the company, according to their own needs. 

Personal safety at our customers is also on top of our minds. It is prioritized in all aspects of our embedded software work, ensuring reliability and integrity. RT-Labs mission is to deliver high-quality, safe solutions through continuous improvement and adherence to industry standards.