RT-Labs is a premium partner in any embedded control system project. We provide a complete software for development tailored for our industry, as well as support and consultancy services. Both products and services are based on our 20+ years of experience in the field.

Don't let the complexity of your project

stand in the way of development

At RT-Labs we want our clients to be able to focus on customer value. We contribute with a universal software platform and a development process that is non-industry specific. We pride ourselves in saving time and money throughout the development phase. We also offer products and services in the field of testing automation, in itself an exceptional quality enhancer. Our clients confirm that we drive a highly competitive Best Practice concept for the entire chain in the development of embedded systems.


Top 6 reasons to work with RT-Labs

Less time to market

Lost sales owing to delayed sales start. The later a product comes onto the market, the shorter its lifetime there. Loss of market shares. Everyone knows that a product that comes late to market loses market shares.

Field bus experts at your fingertips

We are there for you when you need us! Great experience developing stacks. EtherCAT, Profinet, CANOPen, ethernet ip.

Quality assurance

All our products are quality assured and well documented and can be bought with as much support you will require. This means that you will work much more with actual application development.

Stacks that talk the same language/same family

RT-Labs software stacks all share the same look and feel which makes it easy to integrate more than one field bus in your system.

Add professional services

If you decide to let us be your application development partner we are here to assist you. We are a team of developers solely dedicated to embedded real time industrial control systems. This is the only thing we do!

At a fixed price with guarantee

Based on your project scope rt-labs can offer you a fixed price on our products and services. We guarantee to deliver on promise.

Spend time on the application

Let engineers focus on aspects that make your products better and that your customers pay for. Standard components, such as a software platform, are things you can purchase from us.

Best practises

True costs of development

There’s nothing new about the fact that product development projects often get delayed over time. It is often towards the end of a project that shortcomings are discovered – and surprises late in the project have a habit of becoming expensive.

3 steps towards more efficient development

All projects take longer than you might think. If you want to deliver your software project on time and within budget, with the right functionality and quality, there’s a tried and tested, simple and almost obvious solution.

Why do you need a development partner?

More and more of your products’ properties are integrated in their software, and your company’s financial results are largely dependent on your development projects delivering on time, to correct specification, and within budget.

Call an expert

We don’t do gatekeeping! Call us to get in contact with a skilled person with several control system projects under the belt.

Hans-Erik Floryd

Hans-Erik Floryd

CTO, Software platform, CANopen, EtherCAT

+46 709 68 38 93

Daniel Udd

Daniel Udd

Software platform, EtherCAT, CANOpen, Group Manager

+46 768 50 74 55