How Kvaser runs over 50 products on the same platform

Standardize for versatility

The Short Story

As a ground-breaking innovator, Kvaser developed CAN bus devices even before the specification was finalized. A partner to the automotive, med-tech, white goods and automation industries, the company offers a vast range of products and solutions: bus interfaces, data-loggers and add-on modules. And through collaboration with RT-Labs, they now run the same software platform in over 50 different units.

The Challenge

Several of Kvaser’s customers frequently introduce new models on the market. As a result, Kvaser needs to respond very swiftly to new requests for performance, compatibility and functionality. The demands for robust and efficient code cannot be compromised, and the range of products and variants keeps growing. Initially, Kvaser built all software from scratch although a search for a suitable operating system was under way.

The Solution

Kvaser is a company of extraordinary skills and insights in software design. They decided to acquire a scalable software platform from RT-Labs, a platform that could serve as the basis for all current and foreseeable products of this type. And to be future-proof, Kvaser and RT-Labs maintain frequent and continuous collaboration for further developments, updates and platform maintenance.

The Result

In 2019, the RT-Labs software platform became the basis for over 50 products. This in itself is a solid benefit for Kvaser. A lot of time is saved since the handling of variants and updates is easier and all test procedures are simplified. The company’s founder, Lars-Berno Fredriksson explains: “We could of course have made our own platform. But just as our customers come to us for the sake of our expertise, so too have we chosen to work together with RT-Labs, whose specialist area is software platforms. Saving time and, not least, money.”